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          发布 2019年8月9日
          During a summer-long workshop, Texas A&M visualization students were mentored by visiting artists from Disney, including Texas A&M graduate and character look development artist Michelle Robinson, who spent a week hands-on with Vizzers as they crafted short animated films.
          Viz ranked No. 1 animation program by College Magazine


          发布 2019年1月24日
          In new rankings released by College Magazine, an online career resource for students, Texas A&M was recognized as the nation’s best public animation school, funneling top-notch graduates into the highly competitive film and television industry, and other professions.
          Environmental design students create design concepts for Fort Worth surgical tower


          发布 二○一八年十一月三十○日
          Innovative ‘green’ wall features sheet metal, native Texas plants


          发布 2018年11月27日
          Viz alumna makes movie magic, crafts special effects for Pixar


          发布 2018年9月21日
          Pixar artist and Texas A&M former visualization student Sarah Beth Eisenger ’13, who has used her technical wizardry skills on many acclaimed Pixar films, returned to The Viz Lab to help Vizzers craft digital shorts in the Department of 可视化's Summer Industry Workshop.
          Viz alum makes movie magic lighting Pixar animated films


          发布 2018年9月21日
          Lighting is a secret weapon in animated movies — it’s used in every frame, yet when done well, viewers will never notice it. Pixar artist and Texas A&M former visualization student Jon Kiker has used his technical talents to create lighting for some of the studio's best films.
          Grad Vizzers create animated shorts with Disney Pixar pros


          发布 2018年9月21日
          During a summer-long workshop known for testing the mettle of Texas A&M graduate visualization students, four teams, mentored by visiting artists from Disney’s Pixar Animated 工作室s, crafted short animated films featuring the comedic exploits of dissimilar robots.
          Students created 视频 games in 48 hours at Chillennium 2018

          学生chillennium 2018创建在48小时内的游戏

          发布 2018年9月14日
          Student 视频 game designers created electronic games from scratch in Chillennium 2018, a giant, Texas A&M student-run game jam competition Oct. 12-14, 2018 in the university’s Memorial Student Center.
          Japan trip yields designs for multigenerational community


          发布 2018年8月7日
          Texas A&M architecture and landscape architecture students collaborated to develop concepts for a Japanese retirement village designed to enhance the health of elderly residents by integrating them with young families and college students.
          Planner's TEDx Talk shows how solutions can worsen the problem


          发布 2018年6月29日
          Seemingly rational choices, made in the wake of natural disasters, can produce unsound results due to “uncanny wisdom,” a term, coined by a Texas A&M urban planning professor, describing actions that eventually exacerbate problems they were meant to solve.
          Planning, LAND students unveil La Grange post-Harvey proposals


          发布 2018年6月22日
          As La Grange, Texas recovers from post Hurricane Harvey flooding, residents and elected officials are considering Texas A&M student proposals that address the town’s infrastructure, housing and transportation needs.
          Former Vizzers help create Pixar’s smash cinema hit ‘Incredibles 2’


          发布 2018年6月20日
          Twenty-five former Texas A&M visualization students, or Vizzers, were part of the Pixar Animation 工作室s team that returned a famous crime fighting superhero family to the big screen in “Incredibles 2,” smashing box office records and earning critical acclaim.
          Students design architecturally artistic transformable pavilions


          发布 2018年5月5日
          CoSci student creates immersive model of historic Texas building


          发布 2018年5月5日
          Vizzers give 'wings' to denizens of interactive virtual realty worlds


          发布 2018年5月5日
          Empowered by virtual reality goggles, patrons of a year-culminating exhibit of visualization student work soared above clouds and performed other superhuman feats in immersive alternative worlds created in an interactive design studio at Texas A&M.

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