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          城市规划硕士项目达新高度 in national rankings


          发布 2019年11月14日
          The Master of Urban Planning program at Texas A&M has vaulted into the upper echelon of programs of its kind in new rankings published by Planetizen, an independent, online platform that reports urban planning news and resources.
          Wright Gallery fall season opening exhibit to showcase Texas artist


          发布 2019年8月27日
          A Texas artist with a deep understanding and appreciation of architecture, Tommy Fitzpatrick will have his work featured in “Working Model,” Aug. 28 – Oct. 15, 2019, at the Wright Gallery, Langford 建筑 Center building A on the Texas A&M campus.


          发布 二○一八年十一月二十○日
          Two small Texas towns recovering from Hurricane Harvey are getting help from Texas A&M urban planning graduate students.
          Students’ Liberty County plan earns top Texas APA honors


          发布 2017年10月31日
          Students, residents in Houston neighborhood to create plan combating polluted conditions


          发布 2017年6月22日
          Teaching, service earn AFS honors for two college profs, one staffer


          发布 2017年3月31日
          For exhibiting the highest standards of excellence in teaching and service, two faculty and one staff member of the Texas A&M 太阳城网址网站 are among 24 recipients of 2017 Distinguished Achievement Awards, presented annually by the university and The Association of Former Students.
          Artist enlists public to create emotional topo map of B/CS

          公众提供B / CS帮助艺术太阳城网址网站图表情绪

          发布 2017年3月7日
          Community-based research, service confab hosted by TTC March 19-22


          发布 2017年2月22日
          University educators from across the nation will reveal how their research and service projects are enhancing communities and providing transformative learning experiences during the 2017 Sustainable City Year Conference March 19–22 at 太阳城网址网站.
          Environmental researchers' outreach initiatives seek life enhancing solutions

          Texas A&M research transforming urban school, community

          发布 2016年10月11日
          After each heavy rain last spring on the streets of an impoverished, east Houston industrial neighborhood, students from nearby Furr High School trained by Texas A&M graduate planning students mapped and tested the toxicity of storm floodwaters.
          Multidisciplinary initiative yields forecasts of more Houston floods


          发布 2016年5月4日
          Extreme rainfall events in Houston like the April 18, 2016 deluge will become more frequent in the future according to a study conducted for the Resilience and Climate Change Cooperative Project, an interdisciplinary research initiative at Texas A&M.
          Teens blog about their home  county in ongoing TTC project


          发布 2016年3月25日
          Profs evaluating local, regional plans’ effects on vulnerability


          发布 2016年2月24日
          Phil Berke, professor of urban planning, and Jennifer Horney, Texas A&M associate professor of epidemiology and biostatistics, are conducting research to raise community resilience to natural disasters.
          Student-gathered data aiding coastal vulnerability research


          发布 2015年12月14日
          A group of students who attend Furr High School, which serves an east Houston industrial area prone to air pollution and flooding, are gathering local environmental data with help from Texas A&M urban planning faculty and graduate students.
          Profs publish book of steps to increase community resilience


          发布 2014年10月21日
          Procedures to create resilient communities — places that avoid, absorb and recover quickly from natural disasters — are detailed in a new book co-authored by four urban planning educators at Texas A&M’s 太阳城网址网站.
          ‘Battle for Turkey Creek’ film highlights Sustainability Day


          发布 二〇一四年十月二十〇日
          “来地狱或高水:争夺土耳其小河,”纪录片记载格尔夫波特的十年之久的斗争,小姐。居民停止土地开发项目威胁到他们的社区,将在下午5时,华侨城进行筛选。 22,埃文斯库附件。

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