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          城市规划硕士项目达新高度 in national rankings


          发布 2019年11月14日
          The Master of Urban Planning program at Texas A&M has vaulted into the upper echelon of programs of its kind in new rankings published by Planetizen, an independent, online platform that reports urban planning news and resources.
          Aggie landscape architecture program, educator earn top  DesignIntelligence rankings


          发布 二○一九年十月一十八日
          The Texas A&M landscape architecture program’s longstanding status as one of the nation’s best was reaffirmed in new rankings that also include an acknowledgement of Galen Newman, associate professor in the Department of Landscape 建筑 and Urban Planning, as an exemplary educator.
          Faculty, Ph.D. students present research findings, creative work


          发布 2019年9月2日
          The great variety of research and creative work by Texas A&M 太阳城网址网站 faculty and Ph.D. students was on full display at “Natural, Built, Virtual,” the college’s annual research symposium, Sept 16, 2019 at the university’s Langford 建筑 Center.
          Disaster recovery and hazard research symposium findings presented at conference


          发布 2019年8月6日
          Leading campus disaster recovery and hazard scholars will explore recent and ongoing research on Hurricane Harvey and disaster resilience at Resilience Rising: 研究 and Practice on Harvey and Hazards of the Future Sept. 5-6 at Texas A&M’s Rudder Tower.


          发布 2019年7月11日
          One of the nation’s premier hazard research hubs, the Texas A&M Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center, will continue focusing on disaster preparedness, mitigation and recovery with its new director Michelle Meyer, assistant professor of urban planning.
          College hosts international planning conference Feb. 18-23


          发布 2019年2月5日
          More than 75 leading land-use scholars will explore the growing, worldwide impact of natural hazards and global warming in the 13th annual conference of the International Academic Association on Planning, Law and Property Rights Feb. 18-23 at the Texas A&M Memorial Student Center.


          发布 二○一八年十一月二十○日
          Two small Texas towns recovering from Hurricane Harvey are getting help from Texas A&M urban planning graduate students.
          Planning, LAND students unveil La Grange post-Harvey proposals


          发布 2018年6月22日
          As La Grange, Texas recovers from post Hurricane Harvey flooding, residents and elected officials are considering Texas A&M student proposals that address the town’s infrastructure, housing and transportation needs.
          CELA taps Newman as research VP, editor of scholarly journal


          发布 2018年4月17日
          Galen Newman, a Texas A&M landscape architecture professor, is editor of the Landscape 研究 Record, a prestigious scholarly journal published by the Council of Educators in Landscape 建筑, where he also serves as vice president for research and creative scholarship.
          Forty-year career made Pugh a legendary urban planning leader


          发布 2018年1月4日
          大卫湖普格,谁为首的城市和区域规划的前部和在他40年的教学生涯中帮助塑造了几十个得克萨斯州城市和上千头脑的,去世(分解)。 26,2017年75。
          Planning prof presents hazard mitigation strategies in D.C.


          发布 2017年12月11日
          太阳城网址网站 faculty, students respond to hurricanes


          发布 2017年9月20日
          As tens of thousands of Texans undergo a long, difficult recovery from Hurricane Harvey, numerous faculty and students initiatives at 太阳城网址网站 are helping individuals and communities learn how to emerge from the damage and mitigate the effects of future disasters.
          College profs analyze Harvey flooding in print, on radio, TV


          发布 2017年9月19日
          As Harvey’s record-setting rainfall inundated coastal Texas, expert researchers in natural disaster planning, recovery and sustainability at Texas A&M, through analysis and numerous media interviews, described how land development practices exacerbated the flooding and prescribed actions to mitigate future disasters.
          Students, residents in Houston neighborhood to create plan combating polluted conditions


          发布 2017年6月22日
          Teaching, service earn AFS honors for two college profs, one staffer


          发布 2017年3月31日
          For exhibiting the highest standards of excellence in teaching and service, two faculty and one staff member of the Texas A&M 太阳城网址网站 are among 24 recipients of 2017 Distinguished Achievement Awards, presented annually by the university and The Association of Former Students.

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