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          Integration of arts and science learning helped along by educators including viz prof

          Viz prof aids in integration of art, science learning

          posted June 2, 2020
          Momentum continues to grow in the movement to integrate the humanities and arts into science, engineering, mathematics and medicine higher education curricula. It’s fueled by movement advocates, whose leaders include Carol LaFayette, professor of visualization.
          Texas A&M College of Architecture 3D prints face shields for local hospital

          College of Architecture 3D prints face shields for local hospital

          posted April 3, 2020
          The Texas A&M College of Architecture is producing 3D printed surgical face shields for the emergency department at a local hospital. It is hoped that the pilot project will help lessen the critical shortage of protective gear for healthcare workers.
          Coronavirus tests administered in clinic built by COSC students

          COVID-19 tests given in student-built clinic

          posted March 30, 2020
          Residents in South Texas’ Nueces County are receiving drive-through coronavirus tests in a mobile medical clinic designed and built by Texas A&M construction science students.
          LIVE Lab-developed games  featured at foundation event

          LIVE Lab-developed games featured at foundation event

          posted March 10, 2020
          Two video games developed at the college that help university students across the globe learn calculus and art history were among four high-impact academic and research initiatives showcased to the university’s top donors at Exploration Day, hosted by the Texas A&M Foundation.
          Master of Urban Planning program reaches new heights in national rankings

          Master of Urban Planning program reaches new heights

          posted November 14, 2019
          The Master of Urban Planning program at Texas A&M has vaulted into the upper echelon of programs of its kind in new rankings published by Planetizen, an independent, online platform that reports urban planning news and resources.
          Teens test out field of architecture in CampARCH summer program

          Texas teens test out careers at CampARCH

          posted July 29, 2019
          Scores of bulky, white 3-D geometric blocks in odd configurations and formations sat scattered around a spacious architecture studio, intermingled among two dozen teenagers sketching frantically on oversized drafting clipboards, designing against a ticking clock.
          Planning prof takes reins of hazard research center

          Planning prof takes reins of hazard research center

          posted July 11, 2019
          One of the nation’s premier hazard research hubs, the Texas A&M Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center, will continue focusing on disaster preparedness, mitigation and recovery with its new director Michelle Meyer, assistant professor of urban planning.
          Prof awarded grant for work in saving historic Black settlements

          Prof works to save historic Black settlements

          posted July 9, 2019
          For her impassioned work to protect Texas’ endangered, historic African-American communities, Andrea Roberts, Texas A&M assistant professor of urban planning, received a $50,000 grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
          New, viz prof-led research institute to study best tech teaching, learning methods

          Viz prof-led institute to study best tech learning methods

          posted November 29, 2018
          To succeed in tomorrow’s workplace, employees will need fluency in technical tasks such as 3-D fabrication, programming and electronics, said Francis Quek, professor of visualization and director of the new Institute of Technology-Infused Learning.
          Hurricane-battered towns get planning help from grad students

          Hurricane-battered towns get planning help from grad students

          posted November 20, 2018
          Two small Texas towns recovering from Hurricane Harvey are getting help from Texas A&M urban planning graduate students.
          Arch prof helping to determine original colors of Bermuda’s historic houses

          Arch prof helping restore original hues of Bermuda houses

          posted October 24, 2018
          Historic houses in Bermuda could be restored to their original colors with help from a team of U.S. architects and conservation experts that includes Brent Fortenberry, assistant professor of architecture at Texas A&M.
          Arch students aid restoration of historic Deanville train depot

          Arch students aid restoration of historic train depot

          posted September 26, 2018
          Using high-tech tools including photogrammetry, laser scanning and 3-D modeling, Texas A&M architecture students created historic documentation and restoration plans for a beloved 105-year-old Deanville, Texas-based train depot.
          Efforts to preserve Harris county natural habitats boosted by LAND grad students’ proposals

          LAND students help boost efforts to preserve habitats

          posted August 14, 2018
          Future initiatives to ensure the preservation of plant and animal habitats in a suburban Houston public recreation area will be aided by land use maps and master plans created last spring by Texas A&M graduate landscape architecture students.
          Texas A&M deans Vanegas, Banks elected to elite builder's group

          Vanegas, Banks elevated to NAC membership

          posted July 23, 2018
          Two 太阳城网址网站 deans, Jorge Vanegas, dean of the College of Architecture, and Katherine Banks, vice chancellor and dean of engineering, have been elected to the National Academy of Construction for championing construction science education.
          Planning, LAND students unveil La Grange post-Harvey proposals

          Students craft plans to relieve La Grange flooding problems

          posted June 22, 2018
          As La Grange, Texas recovers from post Hurricane Harvey flooding, residents and elected officials are considering Texas A&M student proposals that address the town’s infrastructure, housing and transportation needs.

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