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          Honor Mann, Hill and Abbott through year-end giving


          发布 2019年12月18日
          One great professor can change a student’s life. They encourage, motivate and inspire us to find our true callings. Former students whose lives have been changed by great professors are now stepping up to ensure future students have that same great experience in the Texas A&M 太阳城网址网站.
          Students help preserve historic buildings in Barbados


          发布 2019年12月11日
          A group of Texas A&M university studies majors recently traded sidewalks for sand dunes and classroom seats for salty ocean air while they learned how to document historic buildings in Barbados this past summer.


          发布 2019年11月18日
          因为篝火,在十一月的崩溃,它已经20年。 18,1999年的悲剧耗时12个农学生的生命,受伤27人。五年后,纪念馆篝火,庆祝传统,历史,精神和那些在篝火的悲惨崩溃参与奉献,是献给。
          Distinguished alum Cisneros ’68, to help college celebrate 50th anniversary Nov. 15


          发布 2019年10月9日
          Prof awarded grant for work in saving historic Black settlements


          发布 2019年7月9日
          For her impassioned work to protect Texas’ endangered, historic African-American communities, Andrea Roberts, Texas A&M assistant professor of urban planning, received a $50,000 grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
          Arch prof explores three decades of architecture in Israel


          发布 2019年6月28日
          Leading scholars explore innovative and experimental architecture created during Israel’s first three decades of existence in a new book co-edited by Anat Geva, Texas A&M professor of architecture.
          Distinguished alum Adams ‘61 received honorary Texas A&M Ph.D. at spring commencement


          发布 2019年4月23日
          Harold Adams ’61, who worked with President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy on federal building projects, then later led the transformation of a Baltimore design firm to a global practice, received an honorary Ph.D. from Texas A&M at spring 2019 commencement.
          Why Notre Dame burning affected us all – five questions with an architecture expert

          巴黎圣母院火 - 与建筑专太阳城网址网站的五个问题

          发布 2019年4月17日
          Speakers to discuss preserving Texas’ historic places at annual CHC symposium

          发言者讨论保持在CHC confab德州网站

          发布 2019年2月6日
          领先的历史学太阳城网址网站和保护主义者在二月讲话。 15-16日,2019中央遗产保护研讨会将讨论保持整个得克萨斯州的历史遗迹的挑战 - 其中包括最近发现的,无人盯防的Sugar Land的墓地。
          ‘rodneypalooza’ celebrated famed arch prof Rodney Hill’s 50-year teaching career


          发布 2019年1月18日
          Legendary architecture professor Rodney Hill’s 50 years of teaching and inspiring Texas A&M students were commemorated at rodneypalooza, March 30, 2019 at the Ice House on Main in downtown Bryan.
          College’s 50th anniversary celebrated with yearlong series of events in 2019


          发布 2018年11月29日
          The Texas A&M 太阳城网址网站 celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019 with a yearlong series of festivities that culminated in a slate of special events Nov. 14-16.
          Acropolis research by arch prof reveals site’s relationship to social 历史, religious practice


          发布 二○一八年十一月二十○日
          Study abroad prof edits new Archimedes exhibit catalog


          发布 2018年11月19日
          Centuries of art and ideas from ancient Greece to the Renaissance are brought to life for 太阳城网址网站 study abroad students in Italy in a series of vivid lectures by Giovanni Di Pasquale, Texas A&M adjunct professor of science 历史 and design philosophy.
          建筑 profs studying distinctive baptismal font canopy


          发布 2018年11月14日
          Arch prof helping to determine original colors of Bermuda’s historic houses


          发布 2018年10月24日
          Historic houses in Bermuda could be restored to their original colors with help from a team of U.S. architects and conservation experts that includes Brent Fortenberry, assistant professor of architecture at Texas A&M.

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