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          Students help preserve historic buildings in Barbados


          发布 二零一九年十二月十一日
          A group of Texas A&M university studies majors recently traded sidewalks for sand dunes and classroom seats for salty ocean air while they learned how to document historic buildings in Barbados this past summer.
          Prof awarded grant for work in saving historic Black settlements


          发布 2019年7月9日
          For her impassioned work to protect Texas’ endangered, historic African-American communities, Andrea Roberts, Texas A&M assistant professor of urban planning, received a $50,000 grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
          Arch prof explores three decades of architecture in Israel


          发布 2019年6月28日
          Leading scholars explore innovative and experimental architecture created during Israel’s first three decades of existence in a new book co-edited by Anat Geva, Texas A&M professor of architecture.
          Why Notre Dame burning affected us all – five questions with an architecture expert

          巴黎圣母院火 - 与建筑专太阳城网址网站的五个问题

          发布 2019年4月17日
          Speakers to discuss preserving Texas’ historic places at annual CHC symposium

          发言者讨论保持在CHC confab德州网站

          发布 2019年2月6日
          领先的历史学太阳城网址网站和保护主义者在二月讲话。 15-16日,2019中央遗产保护研讨会将讨论保持整个得克萨斯州的历史遗迹的挑战 - 其中包括最近发现的,无人盯防的Sugar Land的墓地。
          Acropolis research by arch prof reveals site’s relationship to social history, religious practice


          发布 2018年11月20日
          ENDS major learns about historic preservation during her Washington, D.C. internship


          发布 2018年11月19日
          Texas A&M environmental design major Christine Miterko learned in detail about aspects of the federal government’s role in preserving historic sites at an internship in the nation’s capital last summer.
          建筑 profs studying distinctive baptismal font canopy


          发布 2018年11月14日
          Arch prof helping to determine original colors of Bermuda’s historic houses


          发布 2018年10月24日
          Historic houses in Bermuda could be restored to their original colors with help from a team of U.S. architects and conservation experts that includes Brent Fortenberry, assistant professor of architecture at Texas A&M.
          New book edited by arch prof explores Modernism’s effect on sacred architecture


          发布 2018年10月24日
          A new book edited by Anat Geva, Texas A&M professor of architecture, that challenges its readers to consider how Modern architects sought to create sacred buildings imbued with a divine presence, hits bookstores Oct. 26, 2018.
          Arch students aid restoration of historic Deanville train depot


          发布 2018年9月26日
          Using high-tech tools including photogrammetry, laser scanning and 3-D modeling, Texas A&M architecture students created historic documentation and restoration plans for a beloved 105-year-old Deanville, Texas-based train depot.
          College honors 6 outstanding former students at annual event

          大学荣誉6名月在杰出校友。 15式

          发布 2018年8月13日
          Six Texas A&M 太阳城网址网站 former students who have distinguished themselves as leaders in their respective fields were honored as Outstanding Alumni at a Nov. 15, 2018 banquet in College Station.
          Arch prof helping Kazakhstan redefine its cultural identity


          发布 2018年4月9日
          In the emerging Central Asian country of Kazakhstan, Stephen Caffey, a Texas A&M architecture professor, is advising an artist-led initiative promoting the country’s storied history, cultural diversity and aspirations.
          Preservation students document Bryan’s historic Temple Freda


          发布 2018年2月2日
          CHC symposium focused on  African-American heritage


          发布 2018年2月2日
          The preservation of Texas’ historic African-American communities, imperiled repositories of black heritage and culture, was the focus of the 2018 Texas A&M 中心文物保护’s Historic Preservation Symposium.

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