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          Scholars find that irregularly shaped parks reduce mortality risk


          发布 2019年11月27日
          城市规划硕士项目达新高度 in national rankings


          发布 2019年11月14日
          The Master of Urban Planning program at Texas A&M has vaulted into the upper echelon of programs of its kind in new rankings published by Planetizen, an independent, online platform that reports urban planning news and resources.
          Merry Raba ’84 and William Raba ’86 former students support graduate education


          发布 2019年10月8日
          Where their story started, they are helping others begin. Merry '84 and William '86 Raba met and began their lives together at 太阳城网址网站 and are creating a legacy by establishing two $150,000 endowments.
          Faculty, Ph.D. students present research findings, creative work


          发布 2019年9月2日
          The great variety of research and creative work by Texas A&M 太阳城网址网站 faculty and Ph.D. students was on full display at “Natural, Built, Virtual,” the college’s annual research symposium, Sept 16, 2019 at the university’s Langford 建筑 Center.


          发布 2019年8月9日
          During a summer-long workshop, Texas A&M visualization students were mentored by visiting artists from Disney, including Texas A&M graduate and character look development artist Michelle Robinson, who spent a week hands-on with Vizzers as they crafted short animated films.
          Urban produce-growing project earns honor for M. Arch student


          发布 2019年5月2日


          发布 二○一八年十一月二十○日
          Two small Texas towns recovering from Hurricane Harvey are getting help from Texas A&M urban planning graduate students.
          建筑 profs studying distinctive baptismal font canopy


          发布 2018年11月14日
          Interactive Wright Gallery exhibit explores a digital approach to collaborative storytelling


          发布 2018年10月24日
          Digital artist Lisa Woods is exploring technology as a means of collaborative storytelling in “Gathering,” an exhibit scheduled through Dec. 9, 2018 at the Wright Gallery, Langford 建筑 Center building A on the Texas A&M campus.
          Viz prof earns award for hybrid creations from area art council


          发布 2018年10月2日
          制作的布莱恩/学院站地区持久的,有影响力的贡献与她的创作努力,jinsil hwaryoung搜索引擎优化,可视化的助理教授,被评为M.L. “乖儿子”苔由布拉索斯山谷艺术委员会今年的艺术太阳城网址网站。
          Landscape architecture programs  again ranked among nation’s best


          发布 2018年10月2日
          Texas A&M’s landscape architecture programs were once again ranked among the nation’s best in annual lists published by DesignIntelligence, a company that helps firms and built environment educators anticipate future industry trends.
          Viz alumna makes movie magic, crafts special effects for Pixar


          发布 2018年9月21日
          Pixar artist and Texas A&M former visualization student Sarah Beth Eisenger ’13, who has used her technical wizardry skills on many acclaimed Pixar films, returned to The Viz Lab to help Vizzers craft digital shorts in the Department of 可视化's Summer Industry Workshop.
          Viz alum makes movie magic lighting Pixar animated films


          发布 2018年9月21日
          Lighting is a secret weapon in animated movies — it’s used in every frame, yet when done well, viewers will never notice it. Pixar artist and Texas A&M former visualization student Jon Kiker has used his technical talents to create lighting for some of the studio's best films.
          Grad Vizzers create animated shorts with Disney Pixar pros


          发布 2018年9月21日
          During a summer-long workshop known for testing the mettle of Texas A&M graduate visualization students, four teams, mentored by visiting artists from Disney’s Pixar Animated 工作室s, crafted short animated films featuring the comedic exploits of dissimilar robots.
          Steel housing tower design earns honor for graduate arch student


          发布 2018年9月20日

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