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          Texas A&M College of Architecture 3D prints face shields for local hospital

          College of Architecture 3D prints face shields for local hospital

          posted April 3, 2020
          The Texas A&M College of Architecture is producing 3D printed surgical face shields for the emergency department at a local hospital. It is hoped that the pilot project will help lessen the critical shortage of protective gear for healthcare workers.
          Construction science student wins TV Christmas light competition

          CoSci student wins TV Christmas light competition

          posted December 10, 2019
          Sophomore construction science student Jordan Maywald won $50,000 and first place on the national ABC-TV show “The Great Christmas Light Fight” on Dec. 9 for a beautiful, massive light display constructed at his family’s Austin home.
          Undergrads employ robotics in design and construction

          Undergrads employ robotics in design and construction

          posted May 30, 2019
          Texas A&M undergraduates in several disciplines experimented with a cutting-edge approach to robotics in design and manufacturing in a spring 2019 class led by Maryam Mansoori, a Ph.D. architecture student.
          Innovative ‘green’ wall features sheet metal, native Texas plants

          Innovative ‘green’ wall features sheet metal, native plants

          posted November 27, 2018
          Merging waste metal from the automotive industry, native plants and the ingenuity of design students and professors, a new “Living Wall” adorns the side of Langford B, adding beautification and reducing heat gain effects on the wall and surrounding area.
          Metal fabrication firm’s visionary CEO to present Sept. 10 lecture

          Metal fabrication firm’s visionary CEO to present lecture

          posted August 30, 2018
          William Zahner III, whose revolutionary, patented techniques for erecting avant-garde metal structures have influenced design thinking and metal fabrication procedures worldwide, will present a public lecture about his work 5:45 p.m. Monday, Sept. 10.
          Texas A&M team uses robot to design, build complex structure

          TAMU team uses robot to design complex structure

          posted June 19, 2018
          Working with an industrial scale robot and polystyrene blocks at the renowned Autodesk BUILD Space in Boston, a Texas A&M team is developing a full-scale, light-weight vault structure from interlocking and uniquely dimensioned structural modules.
          Environmental design students fabricate Italian rooftop offices

          Students design offices atop Italian buildings

          posted May 7, 2018
          This spring, first-year Texas A&M environmental design students envisioned how future population needs of historic Siena, Italy could be met by building models of elevated urban environments atop existing buildings.
          Students design, fabricate modern urbanscape atop old Italian town

          Students fabricate modern urbanscape atop old Italian town

          posted March 19, 2018
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          Prof lauded for waste-based industrial design solutions

          Prof earns accolades for designs reusing manufacturing waste

          posted February 20, 2018
          Ahmed K. Ali, an assistant professor of architecture at 太阳城网址网站, earned the Architectural Research Centers Consortium’s 2018 New Researcher Award, a prestigious accolade bestowed annually to an emerging scholar.
          Architecture students develop 360-degree VR installations

          Arch students craft rule-free virtual reality worlds

          posted November 9, 2017
          An exercise designed to expand the imaginations of Texas A&M environmental design majors yielded stunning, 360-degree virtual reality spaces that dazzled headset-clad viewers at a late-October pop-up exhibit staged in the Langford Architecture Building.
          First-year design studio tackles architectural lighting challenge

          Design studio tackles indoor architectural lighting challenge

          posted October 18, 2017
          First-year Texas A&M environmental design students vaulted into the vast world of architecture this month tackling a studio project that challenged them to cast natural light around a corner and deep into the darkest recesses of structure.
          Architecture students craft 3-D sculptures with Harvey rain data

          Arch students reflect hurricane rainfall in 3-D sculptures

          posted October 11, 2017
          Students created 3-dimensional wall sculptures reflecting levels of rainfall experienced by residents of more than a dozen South Texas communities during Hurricane Harvey Art in a sophomore architectural design studio.
          Micro-manufacturing initiative earns NSF Convergence Award

          Micro-manufacturing initiative earns NSF Convergence Award

          posted September 12, 2017
          To investigate the viability of micro-manufacturing in the United States, the National Science Foundation tapped Francis Quek, professor of visualization at Texas A&M, as one of 23 recipients of a $100,000 Convergence Award.
          Vizzer grad creates 3-D printed fashion, shows work worldwide

          Cutting edge couture: viz grad creates 3-D fashion

          posted June 8, 2017
          Futuristic bridal gowns, haute couture costumes and tech-inspired fashion accessories, all made with 3-D printers, have garnered international recognition for Rachel Nhan ’11, who crafts costumes suggestive of avant-garde armor and shows them worldwide.
          Project to focus on developing new concrete casting technique

          Project to develop new technique for casting concrete

          posted June 7, 2017
          Envisioning cityscapes renewed with stylish, custom-designed concrete structures, a group of Texas A&M design and engineering faculty and students will collaborate to develop a low-cost method for quickly casting complex, concrete forms.

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