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          土地开发专太阳城网址网站讨论广泛的议题  at conference


          发布 2020年1月10日
          What does the future hold for the built, natural, virtual environment, Texas A&M, and the world?


          发布 2019年12月3日
          汤姆·欧文斯,1973,高级董事总经理 - 海因斯的首席风险官,全球厂房在房地产投资,开发和管理,领导一个团队公司高管WHO数十亿美元的讨论公司的业务。
          Rowlett Lecture canceled


          发布 2018年3月8日
          Due to unexpected circumstances, the 2018 John Miles Rowlett Lecture, scheduled March 28 at the Texas A&M Annenberg Presidential Conference Center, has been canceled.


          发布 2018年2月12日
          William Merriweather Peña ‘42, one of the Texas A&M 太阳城网址网站’s most revered former students whose legendary architectural career followed a heroic tour of duty in World War II, died in Houston Feb. 10, 2018. It was his 99th birthday.
          Distinguished alumnus, renowned architect, WWII hero Peña endows 建筑 Scholars Program


          发布 2016年12月13日
          A new scholarship program established with a significant endowment by William Merriweather Peña ’42, a former Texas A&M architecture student, World War II hero, and renowned architect, will help generations of aspiring Aggie architects receive an education.
          Two-day Rowlett Lecture Series marked CRS中心’s 25th year

          为期2天的2016 ROWLETT系列讲座精选4节

          发布 2016年3月25日
          A two-day program commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Texas A&M CRS中心 for Leadership & Management in the Design & Construction Industry took place March 31-April 1, 2016 on the Texas A&M campus.
          Arup’s global foresight director considered 'Designing on a Social Conscience' at Rowlett Lecture


          发布 2015年9月29日
          未来学太阳城网址网站,建筑师和结构工程师Chris luebkeman,奥雅纳的全球远见,研究和创新团队的主管,2015年提出ROWLETT讲座在安嫩伯格总统会议中心“对社会良知的设计”。
          Prof, students create guidelines for new veterinary building design


          发布 2014年7月1日
          Veterinary medicine education at Texas A&M will begin its second century in a new $120 million complex that was designed based on a programming effort by Valerian Miranda, head of the CRS中心, architecture and environmental design students.
          Former students discuss career arcs at 2014 Rowlett Lecture

          以前的学生在2014 ROWLETT演讲精选

          发布 2014年3月24日
          Principal from top design firm appears at Rowlett Lecture Series

          bnim主要负责人2013 ROWLETT讲座

          发布 2013年3月1日
          Steve McDowell, director of design and principal at BNIM, a design and planning firm recognized by the American Institute of Architects as its 2011 firm of the year, spoke at Texas A&M’s Rowlett Lecture Series April 19 at Rudder Theatre on the Texas A&M campus.
          Alumnus who designed world’s tallest building to receive honorary doctorate degree


          发布 2013年2月11日
          Adrian Smith, designer of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and a champion of sustainable design, will receive an honorary doctor of letters degree from Texas A&M at spring commencement.
          Lavy named co-editor of leading facility management publication


          发布 2012年11月27日
          Facilities, the world’s leading scholarly journal in the facility management field, begins its fourth decade with new co-editor Sarel Lavy, associate professor of construction science at Texas A&M. He and fellow editor Joseph Lai of Hong Kong Polytechnic University replace Edward Finch, who held the editor's post 18 years.
          Grad students earn scholarships from facility management group


          发布 2012年9月25日
          Three graduate students at Texas A&M pursuing facility management certificates were awarded scholarships by an international FM foundation based on the students’ essays, leadership skills and letters of professional intent.
          Facility management students hear from experts in Phoenix


          发布 2011年11月14日
          五年级学生在设施管理追求的研究生证书参加了在凤凰国际设施管理协会会议有五个IFMA奖学金共计$ 15,000,其中一部分用于支付他们的旅行到会议。


          发布 2011年8月3日
          Five graduate students pursuing certificates in facility management at the Texas A&M 太阳城网址网站 earned scholarships from the International Facility Management Association, as well as travel/attendance packages for an October conference.

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