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          Construction science student wins TV Christmas light competition


          发布 2019年12月10日
          大二建筑专业的学生赢得了$ 50,000个乔丹Maywald和首位在全国ABC电视节目“伟大的圣诞灯斗争”上(分解)。 9在他的太阳城网址网站庭构建一个美丽的,大规模的光显示奥斯汀的太阳城网址网站。


          发布 2019年12月3日
          汤姆·欧文斯,1973,高级董事总经理 - 海因斯的首席风险官,全球厂房在房地产投资,开发和管理,领导一个团队公司高管WHO数十亿美元的讨论公司的业务。
          城市规划硕士项目达新高度 in national rankings


          发布 2019年11月14日
          The Master of Urban Planning program at Texas A&M has vaulted into the upper echelon of programs of its kind in new rankings published by Planetizen, an independent, online platform that reports urban planning news and resources.
          Prof awarded grant for work in saving historic Black settlements


          发布 2019年7月9日
          For her impassioned work to protect Texas’ endangered, historic African-American communities, Andrea Roberts, Texas A&M assistant professor of urban planning, received a $50,000 grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
          Summit explored future of education through ‘smart’ solutions for cities


          发布 2019年4月18日
          More than 50 tech industry experts, community leaders and Texas A&M scholars gathered in College Station May 14, 2019 for the ENDEAVR Tech Summit, an event exploring the anticipated future of education as realized through “smart” cities.
          Innovative ‘green’ wall features sheet metal, native Texas plants


          发布 2018年11月27日


          发布 二○一八年十一月二十○日
          Two small Texas towns recovering from Hurricane Harvey are getting help from Texas A&M urban planning graduate students.
          Planning prof notes cities’ post-Harvey planning changes


          发布 2018年11月8日
          Hurricane Harvey’s widespread damage forced cities throughout the U.S. to take a more critical look at their infrastructure and hazard mitigation plans, said Galen Newman, Texas A&M associate professor of urban planning.
          Prof develops new tool to help planners in depopulating cities


          发布 2018年9月26日
          Arch students aid restoration of historic Deanville train depot


          发布 2018年9月26日
          Using high-tech tools including photogrammetry, laser scanning and 3-D modeling, Texas A&M architecture students created historic documentation and restoration plans for a beloved 105-year-old Deanville, Texas-based train depot.
          Texas A&M architecture professor selected for elite ACCM fellowship


          发布 2018年9月21日
          For his work enhancing healthcare design standards, Kirk Hamilton, professor of architecture at Texas A&M, was elevated to fellowship in the American College of Critical Care Medicine. He is only the second architect to be inducted into this elite national society.
          Efforts to preserve Harris county natural habitats boosted by LAND grad students’ proposals


          发布 2018年8月14日
          Future initiatives to ensure the preservation of plant and animal habitats in a suburban Houston public recreation area will be aided by land use maps and master plans created last spring by Texas A&M graduate landscape architecture students.


          发布 2018年8月14日
          In the future, structures will be created onsite by 3-D printers, and the construction and manufacturing industries will have much more in common, according to a multidisciplinary Texas A&M faculty team envisioning how technology will change building.
          Faculty to develop sustainable material for 3-D printed buildings

          教师发展“绿色” 3-d印刷建材

          发布 2018年7月30日
          为在未来,结构都建有材料规模化,3-d打印机,建筑系的大学正在开发,并通过$ 500,000的X捐款资助,为期两年的研究试验环境负责的印刷方法准备。
          Studies to bolster rural motorist safety, cut road building costs


          发布 2018年6月29日
          研究ers are learning how to reduce highway repavement costs and maximize rural highway safety in two multiyear research projects that include Kunhee Choi, Texas A&M associate professor of construction science, and scientists from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

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