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          Legendary emeritus professor, remembered as inspiration, expert gardener


          发布 2020年3月18日
          John Fairey, Texas A&M Professor Emeritus of 建筑 who founded a 39-acre garden near Hempstead, Texas that is renowned nationwide for its extraordinary variety of plants, died March 17, 2020.
          建筑 alumnus hand-carves wood sculpture honoring 125 year Aggie band history


          发布 2020年2月26日
          数百精雕细刻的元素,有耐心和艺术性过数千小时的创造,创造了一个永久的遗产:一个4'x3’ 胡桃木和红木浮雕纪念格斗125周年得克萨斯Aggie带。
          Arch prof develops virtual reality app that could be used for LEGO, IKEA or any assembly project


          发布 2020年2月18日
          Texas A&M researchers enabling buildings to ‘breathe’

          Texas A&M researchers enabling buildings to ‘breathe’

          发布 2020年1月29日
          Buildings may one day “breathe,” and be able to function in their own environment with the help of a type of “smart skin” developed by a team of 太阳城网址网站 researchers.
          Undergrad team takes silver in Disney Imagineering design competition


          发布 2020年1月28日
          Four Texas A&M 太阳城网址网站 students won second place last week in an elite national contest hosted by Walt Disney Imagineering.
          建筑-For-Health speakers to discuss behavioral health facility planning and design


          发布 2020年1月16日


          发布 2020年1月16日
          Do you know of a former Texas A&M 太阳城网址网站 student who is a candidate for the college’s highest honor, the Outstanding Alumni Award? Nominations for the 2020 award are due by May1.


          发布 2020年1月15日
          The March 25 Rowlett lecture was canceled to conform with Texas A&M coronavirus guidelines. Organizers are looking to reschedule the event in the fall 2020 semester.
          土地开发专太阳城网址网站讨论广泛的议题  at conference


          发布 2020年1月10日
          What does the future hold for the built, natural, virtual environment, Texas A&M, and the world?
          Honor Mann, Hill and Abbott through year-end giving


          发布 2019年12月18日
          One great professor can change a student’s life. They encourage, motivate and inspire us to find our true callings. Former students whose lives have been changed by great professors are now stepping up to ensure future students have that same great experience in the Texas A&M 太阳城网址网站.
          Students help preserve historic buildings in Barbados


          发布 2019年12月11日
          A group of Texas A&M university studies majors recently traded sidewalks for sand dunes and classroom seats for salty ocean air while they learned how to document historic buildings in Barbados this past summer.


          发布 2019年11月18日
          因为篝火的崩溃,月它已经20年了。 18,1999年悲剧了12个农学生的生命和受伤27人。五年后,篝火纪念,庆祝的传统,历史,精神和参与篝火的悲惨崩溃的奉献,是献给。
          Wright Gallery exhibit to showcase work by eclectic architect Bruce Goff


          发布 2019年10月14日
          The daring, unconventional residential designs by Bruce Goff, one of the most provocative yet unheralded architects of the twentieth century, will be featured in a new exhibit Oct. 21 – Dec. 12, 2019 at the Wright Gallery, Langford 建筑 Center building A on the Texas A&M campus.
          College tops list of “most hired from” 建筑 schools


          发布 2019年10月10日
          Texas A&M produces some of the nation’s most highly sought 建筑 graduates and is home to Rodney Hill, one of the most admired design educators, according to new lists released by DesignIntelligence, a company dedicated to the business success of built environment-related firms.
          Distinguished alum Cisneros ’68, helped college celebrate 50th anniversary Nov. 15


          发布 2019年10月9日

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