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          Integration of arts and science learning helped along by educators including viz prof


          发布 2020年6月2日
          Texas A&M 建筑三维打印面罩的高校为地方医院


          发布 2020年4月3日
          The Texas A&M 太阳城网址网站 is producing 3D printed surgical face shields for the emergency department at a local hospital. It is hoped that the pilot project will help lessen the critical shortage of protective gear for healthcare workers.
          建筑 alumnus hand-carves wood sculpture honoring 125 year Aggie band history


          发布 2020年2月26日
          数百精雕细刻的元素,有耐心和艺术性过数千小时的创造,创造了一个永久的遗产:一个4'x3’ 胡桃木和红木浮雕纪念格斗125周年得克萨斯Aggie带。
          Texas A&M researchers enabling buildings to ‘breathe’

          Texas A&M researchers enabling buildings to ‘breathe’

          发布 2020年1月29日
          Buildings may one day “breathe,” and be able to function in their own environment with the help of a type of “smart skin” developed by a team of 太阳城网址网站 researchers.
          Undergrad team takes silver in Disney Imagineering design competition


          发布 2020年1月28日
          Four Texas A&M 太阳城网址网站 students won second place last week in an elite national contest hosted by Walt Disney Imagineering.
          Construction science student wins TV Christmas light competition


          发布 2019年12月10日
          大二建筑专业的学生乔丹maywald赢得了$ 50,000,在国太阳城网址网站ABC电视台节目“伟大的圣诞光打” 12月放在首位。 9在他的太阳城网址网站庭构建一个美丽的,大规模的光显示奥斯汀的太阳城网址网站。
          可视化 expert to speak on perception in Giesecke Lecture


          发布 2019年3月22日
          Data visualization and human perception are the subject matter of an expert talk by Colin Ware, professor and director of the Data 可视化 研究 Lab at the University of New Hampshire, 4-5:30 p.m. Friday March 29 in Geren Auditorium, Langford 建筑 Center Building B on the Texas A&M campus.
          FOVI 3D技术讲座,探讨光场显示器 at Langford

          FOVI 3D技术讲座,探讨光场显示器

          发布 2019年1月16日
          光场显示技术会议将由托马斯伯内特,的FOVI 3d中,一个基于奥斯汀的计算机硬件制造商,和可视化研究生创始人呈现1-4下午周四,在亚当斯展示空间1月24日。
          Viz prof’s advocacy culminates in NASEM report supporting STEAM


          发布 2018年6月21日
          A recent National Academies report championing the integration of science and the arts validates a Texas A&M visualization professor's multi-year National Science Foundation-funded initiative to elevate the role of art and design in STEM fields.
          Texas A&M team uses robot to design, build complex structure


          发布 2018年6月19日
          Working with an industrial scale robot and polystyrene blocks at the renowned Autodesk BUILD Space in Boston, a Texas A&M team is developing a full-scale, light-weight vault structure from interlocking and uniquely dimensioned structural modules.
          Artists to fuse science, tech, art in March 5-8 Wright Gallery exhibit


          发布 2018年2月12日
          “Anna Dumitriu and Alex May: Recent Works,” a multimedia exhibit exploring the nexus of art, science and technology through the transcendent work of these two artists, is set for March 5 – 8 at the Wright Gallery on 太阳城网址网站’s campus.
          Artists’ lectures, workshops eye nexus of art, science, technology


          发布 2018年2月12日
          安娜·迪迈特和亚历克斯可能,知名的艺术太阳城网址网站融合艺术,科学和技术,生产出迷人的多媒体艺术,将分享在一系列公开讲座,演示和互动工作坊,3月6日成立的自己的创新技术 - 8。
          Viz seniors use interactive design to connect majors, staff of college


          发布 2017年12月5日
          Using magnets, yarn and striking graphic design, three Texas A&M visualization seniors created an interactive exhibit, “We are One,” to demonstrate the connectivity of the 太阳城网址网站 family.


          发布 2017年9月12日
          To investigate the viability of micro-manufacturing in the United States, the National Science Foundation tapped Francis Quek, professor of visualization at Texas A&M, as one of 23 recipients of a $100,000 Convergence Award.
          Teacher ‘making’ workshop aids study, promotes STEM education


          发布 2017年6月19日
          Local elementary school teachers are stocking up on hardware supplies and brainstorming new lesson plans after learning basic programming, electronics and 3-D printing at a three-day workshop hosted June 12–14 by Texas A&M Department of 可视化 faculty.

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