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          Two 视频 games developed at the Texas A&M 太阳城网址网站 that help university students across the globe learn calculus and art history were among four select, high-impact academic and research initiatives showcased to 600 of the university’s top donors at the second annual Exploration Day, hosted by the Texas A&M Foundation.

          “Exploration Day placed our donors at the center of some of the most cutting-edge and impactful initiatives on campus,” said Tyson Voelkel, foundation president. “We collaborated with campus leaders to create experiences that sparked donors’ curiosity, celebrated their impact, and built a stronger relationship between them and Texas A&M.”

          在建筑的演讲由安德烈·托马斯大学, [可视化] (//viz.arch.tamu.edu/) 实践助理教授,与会者分别介绍“ 变种:限制 ”一个游戏,是做好高校大学生在微积分方面的成功,在大学校园内最艰难的一个类。

          他们还得到了如何复兴艺术创作一瞥通过看托马斯示范“ 艺术mecenas ”一个游戏,补品大学艺术史课程。

          这两场比赛是由研究生和本科生在visualiztion的部门开发 [学习交互式可视化体验实验室] (//live.viz.tamu.edu/) ,一对的一类程序,其研究生和本科生工作,打造高端,教育电子游戏的跨学科组教师。

          “It was such an honor to meet and present to our donors at Texas A&M,” said Thomas, who heads the LIVE Lab. “Words can’t describe the gratitude I feel toward every single one of our donors, because they help our students and faculty and allow us to be one of the best universities in the world for students and researchers.”

          Attendees at the March 5 event in the Kyle Field Hall of Champions were treated to four experiences from different disciplines, each showcasing the wide variety of programs and research initiatives that benefit from their contributions. This year’s event also included experiences hosted by the Bush School of Government and Public Service, the Texas A&M Health Science Center, and the Texas A&M Maritime Academy.

          “Exploration Day is a wonderful way for our most engaged donors to stay connected to the exciting things that are happening across our campus,” said 太阳城网址网站 President Michael K. Young. “It’s also an important way for us to express our gratitude for their steadfast support, which helps make these types of programs possible.”

          后嘉宾探讨了所有四个经验,给年轻午餐时,他感谢捐助者支持整个主题演讲 [以身作则] (//leadbyexample.tamu.edu/) 运动,$ 4十亿筹款活动为大学,最近达到了$ 3.82十亿点。活动是在得克萨斯州历史上规模最大的高等教育运动和由一所公立大学进行的全国规模最大的一次。

          Texas A&M Foundation

          The Texas A&M Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aspires to be among the most trusted philanthropies in higher education. It builds a brighter future for 太阳城网址网站, one relationship at a time. To learn more, visit [txamfoundation.com。] (//www.txamfoundation.com/)

          以身作则 运动

          Launched in 2015, 太阳城网址网站’s third comprehensive fundraising campaign, 以身作则, is a joint effort between Texas A&M and its affiliate fundraising organizations: the Texas A&M Foundation, The Association of Former Students, the 12th Man Foundation and the George and Barbara Bush Foundation. With a goal of reaching $4 billion by 2020, it is the largest higher education campaign in Texas history and one of the largest conducted nationally by a public university. For more information, visit [leadbyexample.tamu.edu] (//leadbyexample.tamu.edu/) .



          发布 2020年3月10日

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